One of the best ways to make money online is to sell information or ebooks. Some of the top online entrepreneurs have made their fortune doing just this. The following tips could help you to do just the same. Many of the risks associated with a “traditional” business do not apply in this case. Setting up your own eBook business can be a lot more rewarding and cheaper too.

No stock:

Your stock is simply the products you sell. You can create your own either by writing them yourself, or paying to have them created. The other option is to buy the rights to an eBook that someone else created. This is your only cost, plus if you make your own, then that cost just consists of your time.

As it is just down-loadable data you have no stock to buy, and none of the risks that holding a lot of capital in inventory brings.


The success of your eBook business depends on the quality of the product you offer. You should try to make sure that it is top notch. Scrimping on the product will only lead to refund requests and no repeat custom. This is not a good way to build your business. posao novi sad


Once you have your product it simply remains to find customers. If your product is about pet care, for example “dog training,” go to forums where these people hang out. Never sell but offer help, leave the link to your product in your forum signature or bio page, and people will click on it. If the product is your own creation you can offer it to affiliates to sell for you in return for a commission. You can easily achieve this by using a site like clickbank. Another way is to produce articles related to your product, and then post these on article directories to generate targeted traffic.

Sell direct:

With the recent trend in eBook readers like the amazon kindle, the need for these types of products is growing daily. You can offer your book direct to users of these kinds of readers by listing it on amazon and other sites. You could even offer a sample or teaser copy of your information for free, just include a link to get the full version near the end, this will convert naturally into sales.