Japan is effectively one of the most intriguing spots to visit in Asia. It’s a captivating blend of the cutting edge and the old, an astonishing mix of the natural and the odd. Because of the nation’s transition to push the travel industry, Japan is likewise perhaps the most amiable spot for vacationers to be. Be that as it may, in a nation where there are 4 significant islands and various others, a first-time vacationer can undoubtedly be overpowered by the various contributions. Where to go when you’re in Japan? Here, in no specific request, are the best 10 must-see places of interest in the place where there is the rising sun: 


Harajuku is a significant must-see place of interest in Tokyo for each anime and manga fan. Simply off the train station, the region is celebrated for its young local people all spruced up in outfits enlivened generally by anime characters. It’s additionally home to various bistros and boutiques, so eating and shopping should be essential for the agenda. 

Since this is Japan, anticipate a mix of the intense and the peaceful. Harajuku is likewise where the acclaimed Meiji Shrine is found. Meiji Jingu is a Shinto altar worked for Emperor Meiji and his partner. First finished in 1921, it was bombarded by the U.S. during WWII however revamped in 1958. 


Shinjuku locale is found in Tokyo, Japan’s capital. A thickly populated city, Shinjuku offers travelers probably the best places to shop, feast, blend in with local people and take in Japanese-style nightlife. Shinjuku is likewise home to Ginza, the enormous shopping territory where probably the greatest global names (think Versace, Gucci and Fendi, among others) in the design world hold shop. 

At the point when you travel to this region, remember to drop by a Mikimoto shop. Mikimoto refined pearls are famous all through the world for their ethereal excellence and craftsmanship. 


To encounter the old among the cutting edge, head to Asakusa, additionally in Tokyo. This is the place where the seventh century Senso-ji Temple can be found. Other than gifts, this old area is additionally the ideal spot to test Japanese food, since various caf├ęs can be found here. 

Asakusa has a somewhat famous past – it used to be where individuals came for diversion. Kabuki plays were organized in the region and it was likewise one of the primary seedy areas of town of the Edo period.